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Hats off to Blogger Community

Let us admit, at the onset, that we are overwhelmed writing this post. We started writing this blog few months back with the idea of bringing out our collective thoughts on democracy. As for any new initiative we only had ourselves to rely on and egg on ourselves. Once we started the blog, we found tremendous support and encouragement from the blogger community worldwide. This added to our strength and we found we are not alone in the pursuit.

Must admit the world of bloggers is a parallel intellectual universe, that has the potential to define the way people think. Every time you dip into it you gain more and are kindled to think better. Hats off to the community. Thank you.

Carrying on, once we start covering India and it’s democracy, we got few suggestions from the blogger community that we should cover various places in India as well. The idea being to explore the untouched parts of India which are also not part of the avid travelers itinerary. Must admit it is a tall ask, but knowing well the support from blogger community we have embarked on this journey as well. Together we shall make it happen. We are fortunate to have few people, who share this dream and are now part of ‘dod’ family.

Today would like to introduce “UnCrushed Leaves” to all of you.

UnCrushed Leaves
“untold journey”

Sights and sounds, stories and dreams,
the culture of people, the secrets of streets.
Show me the irony and tell me the tales,
how this place has grown and how it made you change.

“UnCrushed Leaves” is an endeavor of few who, by their nature of being, have adapted themselves to their surroundings. They are not the wanderers but seekers, who soak in the places they visit. They pull out experiences, which more often than not, are redeeming. “UnCrushed Leaves” is an attempt to get one closer to such experiences.

Lets start the untold journey.

By ‘dod’ Rangers