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“dod Salutes” Women Determination – this Women’s Day

It happens. Some events make one think, few make one act and there are just a couple, which change the course of ones life. There are few courageous people who encounter events that not only change course of their lives but redefine the course of people around them.

It was cold morning of November  02, year 2000, place Malom, Imphal valley in Manipur north-east India. A 28 something women from Manipur was preparing for a peaceful protest when she learnt about the heart wrenching story of “Malom Massacre”. A forgetful event in democracy of India wherein 10 citizens of country were gunned down by Armed forces personnel.

The young girl calibrated the incidence to find out that among people who succumbed to injuries included 17 year old boy Sinam Chandramani, a national child bravery award winner in 1988. It was too much for the mind to digest and it defined the path for her. She took refuge in the essence of Gandhian philosophy and started a peaceful fast.


Irom Sharmila Chanu, has been on fast since November 05. Yes, it has been 13 years since the cold morning in 2000, the fast continues without food and water. Her survival has been imposed by successive governments by ensuring nutrients are pushed into her system through nose. Her demand is to remove the Armed Forces (Special Powers) Act which provides special powers to Indian armed forces to fight unrest in areas declared as “Disturbed”.

We believe that things had really gone wrong, there was a great miss in the democratic process and the voice needs to be heard. We at dod salute to the bravery of Irom and her determination to seek solution peacefully for her region.

At this woman’s day we firmly believe that woman determination, around the world, is unbreakable. History is filled with such instances where women have determined the course of events. This day let all celebrate this determination and hope the same can be used to better humanity.

By “dod Rangers”

The AV below, written by Rabindra Nath Tagore and sung by Shreya Ghoshal depicts the same sentiment to “Walk alone, if no one responds to your call”