UnCrushed Leaves – Srirangam (Living History)

The Thought:
We have embarked on the Journey of “UnCrushed Leaves“. In this endeavor of ours we tend to bring to our patrons a glimpse of unseen parts of India. Places which mesmerize and journey that’s fulfilling. Our first destination is a small town nestled in the lap of river Kaveri, in south of India (Tamil Nadu)

Srirangam – Where Time, Tradition and Tranquility come together

Srirangam - The beauty of a Temple Town
Srirangam – The beauty of a Temple Town

Srirangam – Location:
River Kaveri, one of the seven important rivers in India, takes origin at Talakaveri in Karnataka and flows through the midland of Tamil Nadu to reach Bay of Bengal at Poombukar. Enroute, it flows around three important islands which can never escape from the attention of someone who is on a quest, may be religious, spiritual, architectural, historical or simply a traveller.

Srirangam – The Timeless History:
All these three islands formed by the river Kaveri have an interesting theme in common – they host a temple for Sri Ranganatha, one of the forms of Vishnu, where Vishnu rests on the bed of the “Anantha Shesha” the  Serpent.

– The first one is at Srirangapattana (a.k.a Adi-Ranga),
– Second at Shivanasamudra (a.k.a Madhya-Ranga) and
– Third one at Srirangam (a.k.a Anthya-Ranga).

Unphased by Time, I still full of ColorsUnphased by Time, still full of Colors

Among the three, Srirangam holds a special place. It is an important center for the Sri Vaishnava School of Vishishadwaitha Vedantha. Historical records of India were documented in an integrated form such as poetic references, songs of folklore, literary references, stone inscriptions etc.

In relatively recent times, this temple has been renovated time and again by every dynasty that ruled South India. Tamil literature has a large number of accounts that have praised the glories of this Temple.

One of the distinctions being that the temple architecture is a replica of Vaikunta, the eternal abode of Vishnu.

Timeless Pillars - Many Years have passed through the roof on my Shoulders
Timeless Pillars – Many Years have passed through the roof on my Shoulders

The  journey of Srirangam shall continue with “UnCrushed Leaves”……

By ‘dod’ Rangers



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