KRAs of Democracy

A troubled Rajan was going up and down the corridor of his office. He looked tensed with cold sweat flowing down his brow. Well, it is time of the year when employees are appraised by their employers. This anxiety is common, among most of the working class going through during their appraisals.

Rajan, knowing the outcome, was relaxed. He managed an above average increment. On his way home he saw the congested road, polluted air, slight mayhem in local travel. It got him to think. He like many Indians in democracy want to ask the same question. Where is the appraisals of  MPs and MLAs? What are their KRAs (key result area)?

We in this discussion, shall try and lay down what the Member of Parliaments and that of legislative assemblies need to be measured against. Lets explore KRAs of democracy.

Revenue: All MPs need to have target to increase revenue for their area associated with their seat. This like any CEO, needs to have a forward looking and realistic number. Look up the average revenue per seat of India, covered in our earlier discussion on this subject.

Infrastructure Development: Critical in Indian context, every seat needs to show positive development on infra to provide basic needs and infra development for future needs.

Health Care: Here development needs to get quantified on increase in number of beds, availability of speciality treatments and emergency treatment facility.

Education: To track increase in quality teachers, institutions built for basic and higher education and employable students generated out of this process.

Environment Protection: This is a critical aspect which needs to be taken care while we develop the region. The KRA here should be number of green zones created, forest cover restored and protected.

Apart for above five, we also believe that one needs to have mechanism to track fairness of  Administration. This can be measured by tracking reduction in crime rate, redtapism and corruption cases being filed in the courts, year on year to get to a score.

Rajan was pretty happy to understand the KRAs of democracy and that of his elected representatives. But this was short lived as he wanted to understand how does he, a common man, enforce this?

Ideas are Welcome.

By ‘dod’ Rangers



2 thoughts on “KRAs of Democracy”

  1. Good point raised, which concerns the minds of millions of people without an adequate answer.
    Elections are like end of old contract and issuance of a new one without any changes allowed in terms of reference and limited choice of bidders, it is not a mid term performance appraisal.
    Let us look at it the other way, what are the responsibilities of the employed MP or MLA and what is then expected from them. An MP is supposed to represent about two million people, ask questions and participate in discussions in Parliament, participate in law making, frame broad solutions through select committees, raise key issues and follow up with demands and project status with various government departments for his constituency, get works done through local bodies from his fund, interact with all types of people including in his area, and also carry out party’s works, maintain his own position as a political leader among supporters, besides holding any other positions like ministries or as leader of house, etc.
    Most MPs have to deal with issues like bad roads, water supply, electricity, even municipal complaints. Now if the employee is just about an average nice guy and not even a criminal or mafia, how well can one expect him to perform? Unless the right and competent person is elected for the job and unless the KRAs and job assigned are in line with each other, even if there is a way to appraise them, it will be an exercise in futility. Besides, if leaders are elected who are passionate and wise about their people and work and not politicians who work for their take home like an employee, there would probably not be a need for such an exercise.

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    1. Thank you for an elaborate expression of your thoughts. We agree with the thought that good and passionate people as leaders are prerequisite for a successful democracy. Having said that, in our opinion, a tracking/feedback mechanism, akin to appraisals, is also critical.

      We appreciate your comment.

      ‘dod’ Rangers


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