Indian Democracy: Potential of David

What should we expect with respect to the story of Davids. Well, am expecting average performance in comparison to our Goliaths. Surprisingly, Davids are eager to narrate their revenue story, so here you go with some statistics. Hope our patrons do not reduce their love for us because of positioning of statistics very often now.

The Davids

        GDP 2012-13         (Rs. Lac Crs.)



(Rs. Lac Crs.)



1 0.08


1 0.13


1 0.09
Arunachal Pradesh


2 0.06


2 0.09


All the David’s have their GDP/Seat ratio less than that of National average of Rs. 0.17 lac Crs. We were not expecting it to be any way greater. But the fact glaring at us is that per seat GDP of three of Davids is more than per seat GDP of at least two of the Goliaths (Uttar Pradesh & Bihar). Davids make a clear statement that they have potential to grow. Read our other article on the abundance of land resources with Davids.

The interesting question posed before the nation is that we can reallocate resources, read seats, to the Davids so that their potential of development can be explored. It is quite evident that Davids, with better representation, should do good.

By ‘dod’ Rangers


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