Need for Voice: The David Story

Time is witness, History stands as testimony to the insatiable hunger of humans to acquire land. No stones are left to be turned. Deals, coercion or fighting wars,  all have been put to use to acquire some more land.

Well, we are not going to talk about wars, but are trying to underline the fact that Land & natural resources accompanied with it are the major assets of a state/country. Their importance with growing population, has increased unabated.

Zoop, lets get to Indian democracy. We are very clear that land and natural resources are major assets and efforts should be made to manage these assets. In a democracy, people’s elected representative manage these resources. This brings us to the magic number, in India every Lok Sabha seat/elected representative on an average covers/manages
5900 square kms. (National Area/Seat ratio)

No debates on 5900, is right or wrong, on second thought, we save the debate for a later date. So for now, consider it to be best.  For effective governance and development of a region we believe that one needs to manage total expanse of area in a state. This would in turn:

– Attract immigration, fueling further development.

– Retain local people in state, absorbing local resources in development.

Thus a lower Area/Seat ratio shall work well for any state. Lets analyze our Davids again and come look up their representation in Lok Sabha.

The David

Current Seat Count

Area Sq Kms

Seats as per National Area/Seat ratio













Arunachal Pradesh











We know you would have found this interesting, the David’s have representation of 7 seats but has potential to have 26 seats. Even representation of all states is required in Lok Sabha. Adequate representation of  state shall lead to voices of people in the state being heard at national level. We believe this is must for a democracy & development. Further we need to hear voices of all Davids, don’t we?

By “dod” Rangers


2 thoughts on “Need for Voice: The David Story”

  1. There appear some omissions in this interpretation. First, the states in India are formed merely for administrative convenience of the larger Union, India is not a federation of states.
    Secondly, this issue of representation was extensively discussed by the founders of Constitution. They very wisely agreed that this country is not merely an area of land, it is the people of this country who form the nation. So representation is made based on equal number of people and not based on region. Any person can go and settle in any part of the country with same rights and representation.
    That does not mean the point rightly raised that there should be mechanism to preserve and address concerns of people of all parts of country, and like in every case, innovative and not simplistic solutions are the right answer for governance in India.


    1. Dear Guest,

      Thank you for your comment. Appreciate your thoughts. We agree that no one solution can address the issue of development and representation of people across the states. As rightly pointed out the state representation was formulated long time back and that should be re-looked. Yes, our solution is simplistic so that we start of sooner. We have also based our article on the premise that land and natural resources are going to be the drivers that shall shape the economies of countries. Look forward to your views in future.

      By “dod” Rangers


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