Three Musketeers of Indian Politics 2014

The three musketeers, have very different strengths but one goal drives them together, and when together, they spin out surprises.

Well, we are talking about trio of women power from Amma (Ms. Jayalalithaa) to Didi (Ms. Mamta Banerjee) to Bhenji (Ms. Mayawati) – the only common feature is that all are female politicians of India and at this point in time have decent control over the vote share in their constituencies. That’s where similarities end. Rest all from ideologies to, administrative capabilities, to political allegiances, to constituencies; are different.

So what makes them come together, when we have not even seen them on one common platform. This can be blamed on enthusiasm of media or there is an alternate path which really makes them play the king maker.

In the current reading of the general elections, no party seems to be heading for clear majority which would make the regional party support must for the incumbent government. In this scenario, all three ladies command a decent vote share in Tamil Nadu, West Bengal & Uttar Pradesh. Their coming together gives them higher ground to negotiate and gain some ministries for their party members. The leaders in question do not look likely to leave their state bastions and move on the national charter which is why they are happy playing to their strengths and be the king maker.

Here there is join hands to create force to recon but all hands are with different agenda. They shall join, looks likely; survive in relation, may be; proliferate in relation, not likely at all.

By “dod Rangers”


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