Elections in Democracy – A Five stage affair

Democracy, has it’s own sweet charm and it blossoms to its best during elections. It is during this time, dance of politicians is visible to people in democracy. It is a time to sit back and enjoy the show.

Fractured mandate is more often than not is the true outcome of any democratic process. Very rarely one would find majority of people, having a same view, unless there is a turn of event that galvanizes people together to think as one.

We have observed, and this is strictly our observation, that there are four stages in a run up to elections:

– Wooing the people, Confident parties communicating with public
– Scamper for alliances, Creating Safety net as majority seems elusive
– Run up to majority, post poll “I need You” patch ups
– Cabinet formation, turn to gratify your soldiers and keep happy the alliances
– Thanking stage, Thank you and see you until next elections

We believe that there is a sixth stage as well “Deliver & Perform”. This next stage, which all people want to be major one, never really comes to effect. The stage where people expect the elected representatives to deliver their promises. As this stage is really hard to find and is statistically not a valid sample, we have not included it among the five stages depicted.

Well, it is said that People have a very short memory. We believe that People do not forget but they do not find the right tools to express themselves, like the elections, within the span of five years that can pressurize ministers and their cabinet to fulfill their promises. This tool we believe, if provided, shall ensure that the sixth and most important stage in elections become the most prominent one.

By “dod Rangers”


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