DoD Crystal Ball Gazing

DanceofDemocracy India

Predicting future is always exciting and has it’s own pitfalls; we at DoD have decided to embark on the journey that shall deal with exciting part of foretelling by gazing through DoD crystal ball.
(DoD CB)

Lets see through the DoD Crystal ball, hmm, we see the hot seat in Delhi and Mr. Arvid Kejriwal on the same. It has been difficult to find him on the PM seat, as he is more often than not, not on it. We can see two distinct aspects coming over the horizon, which are very critical for Aam Admi Party (AAP) in Delhi and elsewhere.

First, the recent descent in the party ranks through Mr. Vinod Kumar Binny and his two corroborators may lead to some more commotion within the party. It shall catch the media eye again in near future. The crystal ball is very hazy when we try and look if because of this protest AAP party shall come crashing down in the Delhi assembly, which makes it clear that this is not going to happen.

Second, DoD Crystal Ball has clear pictures on the brewing discontent with the supporters of AAP. It is going to grow further in future, as there are more rounds of allegations from the party and trying to open another can of worms. DoD crystal ball points to the fact that in recent past releasing the list of most corrupt politicians and opening of 84 sikh riots case against INC, is being looked more as sensational stuff as the public does not see any end goal of these efforts in near term. One can expect more such efforts from AAP party.

We shall attempt to see more in the crystal ball in near future. Currently, it looks like a pure white ball.


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