DoD Crystal Ball Invoked

Well, we wanted to do see this earlier, we were desperate, Yes! we have not been so for a long time. Why? Oh we wanted to understand the future of Delhi and of course of Aam Admi Party. You would also want to know right? So lets see further.


As the haze clears on the DoD Crystal Ball, we see three distinct scenarios:

First we see a triumphant Arvind Kejriwal, oh yes, DoD Crystal ball depicts him triumphant. He has pulled out decisive trick in politics, which generally is kept as the last salvo it is to relinquish. Politics is majorly seen as an exercise to rise up the hierarchy and never to let go.  Across the eras there have been few masterminds who have relinquished the throne to gain public acceptance and thus more power. Crystal ball depicts that this happens only when there is more gain in letting it go then to being at the throne.

ArKe has done just that. His back was getting pushed into corner day by day with promises made and system not toeing his line. Read the earlier article on promises made, Arvind KejriWALL & Aam Aadmi Party Fall. Kautalya would have liked this move. DoD crystal ball is hazy on trying to understand if this would really be the masterstroke for Arvind.

Some 10 years back India had witnessed use of this tactics, in different scenario, by Mrs. Sonia Gandhi. She had relinquished the PM chair and gained high ground in public eye. It made the then opposition speechless.

Second scenario, is that with this salvo, ArKe has silenced the opposition parties. Yes, you would not hear, for some time, Narandra Modi and Rahul Gandhi picking up confrontation with Arvind. Why? Looks like DoD crystal ball smiling back at us and answering “If they do they shall uphold him in the eyes of public.”

DoD Crystal Ball (CB), clears the clouds, and suggests that both parties, Congress and BJP shall play non-confrontational politics with Arvind and get public involved in issues other than AAP.

We push the DoD CB further, it is time that it goes in hibernation again, but in nick of time it predicts unclear agenda among AAP party leaders in their gest to run up to the Lok Sabha elections would lead to some slip-ups here and there. DoD CB (Crystal Ball) goes white again.

One thing we learned was that we couldn’t invoke DoD CB anytime we want; it chooses its time to foretell. So, lets wait till next time.


Arvind Kejri wall & Aam Admi Party fall



Not long back were the people in Delhi rejoicing on streets, December 28 to be precise. Yesterday too they were on streets to support Arvind & AAP, which has relinquished the power after a run of just 49 days. People were confident then, baffled now. Even DoD crystal ball, was not clear on this internal crumble.

It is mark on these days democracy that people run to conclusion first and then analyze their thoughts. We shall do it the conventional way; lets list the 49-day run, and trust us it was a 100meter dash.

–       Free water to Delhi public
–       Cut power bills by 50%
–       Janta Durbar, a bold attempt
–       CM dharna before the Republic day parade, demanding cop suspension on Danish rape case. Check out “Wake up India – Another Foreigner Raped”
–       SIT filed to probe 1984 riots
–       Power crises as discoms refuse to toe CMs dictate
–       FIR filed against earlier CM Sheila Dikshit, on corruption case
–       FIR against Mukesh Ambani & Oil Minister Moily on gas pricing
–       Kejriwal was not allowed to table the “Jan Lokpal Bill” in Delhi assembly

Huff Huff, it is really a task 10 prominent issues raised, one every 5th day of tenure, this is unprecedented in democracy. Kudos to team AAP and the “WALL” Arvind to bring democracy and issues a talk of every day household. Even media was on toes and had no choice but to cover Arvind, each of the 49 days in office.

At this juncture, we are not evaluating the rationale of stepping out of the government. We believe, on one-hand democracy has won, because people are more aware of the issues and they see a voice leading causes, which are related to them. On the other, Democracy has also lost; the trust that people had reposed on Aam Aadmi Party stands betrayed by them by not being able to maneuver the entire term. It was always going to be difficult and people had voted them to power to run with these difficult situations and quit in between.  It cannot always be “my way” in a democracy; one needs to be patient enough to turn the greatest adversary into believer in ones thoughts. Not far in the history we have witnessed “India’s freedom struggle” which continued to, well over a century, and was successful only because different fractions with different ideologies still had the same dream of freedom. We believe that democracy wins in patience and not in a hurry. Check our earlier article “AAP – Winners in Hurry”

So for the time being AAP’s KejriWALL has fallen from CM’s chair to streets of Delhi.

DoD Crystal Ball Gazing

DanceofDemocracy India

Predicting future is always exciting and has it’s own pitfalls; we at DoD have decided to embark on the journey that shall deal with exciting part of foretelling by gazing through DoD crystal ball.
(DoD CB)

Lets see through the DoD Crystal ball, hmm, we see the hot seat in Delhi and Mr. Arvid Kejriwal on the same. It has been difficult to find him on the PM seat, as he is more often than not, not on it. We can see two distinct aspects coming over the horizon, which are very critical for Aam Admi Party (AAP) in Delhi and elsewhere.

First, the recent descent in the party ranks through Mr. Vinod Kumar Binny and his two corroborators may lead to some more commotion within the party. It shall catch the media eye again in near future. The crystal ball is very hazy when we try and look if because of this protest AAP party shall come crashing down in the Delhi assembly, which makes it clear that this is not going to happen.

Second, DoD Crystal Ball has clear pictures on the brewing discontent with the supporters of AAP. It is going to grow further in future, as there are more rounds of allegations from the party and trying to open another can of worms. DoD crystal ball points to the fact that in recent past releasing the list of most corrupt politicians and opening of 84 sikh riots case against INC, is being looked more as sensational stuff as the public does not see any end goal of these efforts in near term. One can expect more such efforts from AAP party.

We shall attempt to see more in the crystal ball in near future. Currently, it looks like a pure white ball.

AAP – Winners in hurry!


Start of 2014, history was written with democracy as an undisputed winner. Yes! we are celebrating the remarkable victory of AAP (Aam   Aadmi Party) inDelhi assembly elections. In context of new age Indian democracy this is unprecedented where a group of change agents got people involved and went ahead to form a government at the seat of parliament in Delhi.

Manifesto of the party was clear and Arvind Kejriwal was forthright in hitting corruption and bringing it out as the major aliment in India. Indeed in current scenario of Indian polity this is very pertinent, with scams galore. People have given thumbs up to their candid view, on ground approach and to hope that people of the country can bring out change. We think that the later is a big win for democracy.

Going back to old times, once a battle is won, one needs to re-enforce the resources and prepare for the war ahead. AAP needs to recognize this fact, they have proven themselves by winning the battle and there is no need for a rapid slew of actions to prove their mantle in governance. In this haste there have already been false starts with “Janta durbar” to be moved from physical meeting to an online format, free water and 50% reduction in electricity cost is yet to start, saying “no” to FDI in retail, agitation on recent Delhi rape case. These instances are giving confusing signals to people. Various party leaders like Kumar Vishwas, Prashant Bhushan giving divergent opinions on crucial issues to media is compounding the issue further.

People would like to see a concerted action, oneness in party and manifesto towards a) India’s growth, b) bring rural masses to main stream, c) regional issues plaguing the country, d) economic vision and e) International relations. It is to be seen what stance the party takes and get the act right.