NaMo’s Economic Sweep

It is boon of globalization and increasing interlinking of economies that political party across nations is increasingly laying grounds of solid economic agenda as part of their political manifestos. It was time that somebody talks about economics in the warming up political scenario in India. NaMo has put put across his/party’s vision on economics of country.

Narendra Modi
NaMo’s Economic Sweep

Prime areas of stress, not much of a surprise here, all developing nations would have the same issues. Infrastructure, education, healthcare and urbanization are the key agenda items. Tapping inflation and removing corruption from economy are also chronic aliments of developing nations.

We think the difference is the vision to see India with New cities, which are connected with affordable, our insertion, bullet trains. This shall result into imputes on infrastructure, new jobs, redistribution of population, better education, healthcare facility and thus improving quality of living in many urban areas. What needs to be seen is the path to implement this vision, China has done it, we know, but our democracy has it’s own challenges.

Another fundamental aspect that was included was branding India around tradition tourism, technology, talent & trade. It is very critical that apart from the growth and large consuming population, India brand also is known to people much before they experience it.

Overall there is a new dimension added to the political debate, lets see if there are takers for this in our political system.



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