King without a Crown: Rahul Gandhi, The Vice President of INC


The much awaited announcement of coronation of Rahul Gandhi as the PM candidate for Indian National Congress was not to be there on Jan 17 2014 party meeting. The party officials made it very clear that they are not going to link RaGa to PM chair. This is after the leading political opposition trainning guns at INC for not naming its PM candidate and the new incumbent in New Delhi, openly challenging the Gandhi Scion for a electoral fight in the congress bastion of Amethi.

Media across the board has reported that Rahul Gandhi was far more passionate in his address to party and made statement for the media that a PM candidate needs to be chosen by the elected members to the lower house and not otherwise. RaGa thanked the PM for the magnificent 10 year run and reiterated the accomplishment of the party. One, the RTI (Right to Information Act), Two, Aadhaar as the basis of ensuring the all subsidies reach the common man’s wallet and Three, ensuring Panchayati Raj is implemented to empower the common man. The electorate needs to play a vital role in making law and do the primary job for which the people have elected them.

In the end, RaGa admitted that he shall fulfil all responsibility the party has given him or shall give him in future. Do we hear, I am ready for action. Well there is a section, that believes that by not naming RaGa as the PM candidate the INC has played it safe that if they do not fare well in the elections in 2014, not much harm is done to brand RaGa. Weather former or later, it is for time to disclose the mystery, but we believe the King has been named, though the crown still waits.



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