Wake up India – Another Foreigner Raped

Tags: Rape Victim, New Delhi Rape, Foreigner raped, Human Rights commission, External   Affairs Ministry, Home Ministry, Police department, Delhi Police, Crime against women.

Hustling bustling Delhi, a cold winter day coming to an end in Paharganj area, a 51 year old Danish women loses her way to hotel. She checks for her way with some bystanders and lands up getting looted and vandalised, in a garden and not much away from the movement of people. So much so for “Athithi Devo Bhava”.

This is an utter disgrace to the India and the way we treat visitors to our nation. Oh this is not about Delhi alone. Current incidence is not much far ahead in time from a 18 year old German being raped in a train from Mangalore to Chennai, again a public place.

To start writing the thoughts on matter we were considering if we should use the word “Rape” on
the tag line, of course it looks awkward, but over a period of time this awkwardness has become
blunt in Indian Democracy. It has become too common to hear and read these words. Is this
misuse of democracy or no care for the basic tenet of democracy. It is something we need to
answer for ourselves.

There are two burning issues here,
– Are our public places really safe for women,
– Is enforcement so weak that people dare to target foreigners in India, or have they really become soft targets.

Changing the nature of people to stop brutality against women, is a long drawn task which shall
need us to mend the disturbed social fabric in the country. For starters India should start an
information campaign “We Care” for all foreign national visiting India. Should get all of them to
register their mobile numbers with the service and advice them to have geotagging application
on in their mobile, whenever they step out. Their should be an option for a panic alert with an
SOS call or in application alert. Geo tagging shall enable Help to reach faster and be more

The larger issue is to address safety of women in India, but this being a smaller group, would
allow us to test solutions effectively.

Our appeal is to youth of India, who have become expressive over various issues plaguing
our democracy, to come forward on this matters and be vigilant to avoid such heinous crimes
against foreigners.



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