NaMo’s Economic Sweep

It is boon of globalization and increasing interlinking of economies that political party across nations is increasingly laying grounds of solid economic agenda as part of their political manifestos. It was time that somebody talks about economics in the warming up political scenario in India. NaMo has put put across his/party’s vision on economics of country.

Narendra Modi
NaMo’s Economic Sweep

Prime areas of stress, not much of a surprise here, all developing nations would have the same issues. Infrastructure, education, healthcare and urbanization are the key agenda items. Tapping inflation and removing corruption from economy are also chronic aliments of developing nations.

We think the difference is the vision to see India with New cities, which are connected with affordable, our insertion, bullet trains. This shall result into imputes on infrastructure, new jobs, redistribution of population, better education, healthcare facility and thus improving quality of living in many urban areas. What needs to be seen is the path to implement this vision, China has done it, we know, but our democracy has it’s own challenges.

Another fundamental aspect that was included was branding India around tradition tourism, technology, talent & trade. It is very critical that apart from the growth and large consuming population, India brand also is known to people much before they experience it.

Overall there is a new dimension added to the political debate, lets see if there are takers for this in our political system.



King without a Crown: Rahul Gandhi, The Vice President of INC


The much awaited announcement of coronation of Rahul Gandhi as the PM candidate for Indian National Congress was not to be there on Jan 17 2014 party meeting. The party officials made it very clear that they are not going to link RaGa to PM chair. This is after the leading political opposition trainning guns at INC for not naming its PM candidate and the new incumbent in New Delhi, openly challenging the Gandhi Scion for a electoral fight in the congress bastion of Amethi.

Media across the board has reported that Rahul Gandhi was far more passionate in his address to party and made statement for the media that a PM candidate needs to be chosen by the elected members to the lower house and not otherwise. RaGa thanked the PM for the magnificent 10 year run and reiterated the accomplishment of the party. One, the RTI (Right to Information Act), Two, Aadhaar as the basis of ensuring the all subsidies reach the common man’s wallet and Three, ensuring Panchayati Raj is implemented to empower the common man. The electorate needs to play a vital role in making law and do the primary job for which the people have elected them.

In the end, RaGa admitted that he shall fulfil all responsibility the party has given him or shall give him in future. Do we hear, I am ready for action. Well there is a section, that believes that by not naming RaGa as the PM candidate the INC has played it safe that if they do not fare well in the elections in 2014, not much harm is done to brand RaGa. Weather former or later, it is for time to disclose the mystery, but we believe the King has been named, though the crown still waits.


Wake up India – Another Foreigner Raped

Tags: Rape Victim, New Delhi Rape, Foreigner raped, Human Rights commission, External   Affairs Ministry, Home Ministry, Police department, Delhi Police, Crime against women.

Hustling bustling Delhi, a cold winter day coming to an end in Paharganj area, a 51 year old Danish women loses her way to hotel. She checks for her way with some bystanders and lands up getting looted and vandalised, in a garden and not much away from the movement of people. So much so for “Athithi Devo Bhava”.

This is an utter disgrace to the India and the way we treat visitors to our nation. Oh this is not about Delhi alone. Current incidence is not much far ahead in time from a 18 year old German being raped in a train from Mangalore to Chennai, again a public place.

To start writing the thoughts on matter we were considering if we should use the word “Rape” on
the tag line, of course it looks awkward, but over a period of time this awkwardness has become
blunt in Indian Democracy. It has become too common to hear and read these words. Is this
misuse of democracy or no care for the basic tenet of democracy. It is something we need to
answer for ourselves.

There are two burning issues here,
– Are our public places really safe for women,
– Is enforcement so weak that people dare to target foreigners in India, or have they really become soft targets.

Changing the nature of people to stop brutality against women, is a long drawn task which shall
need us to mend the disturbed social fabric in the country. For starters India should start an
information campaign “We Care” for all foreign national visiting India. Should get all of them to
register their mobile numbers with the service and advice them to have geotagging application
on in their mobile, whenever they step out. Their should be an option for a panic alert with an
SOS call or in application alert. Geo tagging shall enable Help to reach faster and be more

The larger issue is to address safety of women in India, but this being a smaller group, would
allow us to test solutions effectively.

Our appeal is to youth of India, who have become expressive over various issues plaguing
our democracy, to come forward on this matters and be vigilant to avoid such heinous crimes
against foreigners.


Justice Ganguly: Justice Done or Denied

Justice Ganguly _ dodRANGERS


A retired Supreme Court judge found to his surprise, one morning in early December, that one of his interns complain suggesting sexual harassment. The affidavit claims on December 24 2012 the Judge called her to hotel room of Le Meridien to complete a report between 8-10:30pm. The judge stated that report had to be submitted the next morning and asked the intern to stay at the hotel and work all night. Intern declined and submitted to finish the work and go back to PG accomodation.

Intern states that that she was asked to have wine and relax in the bedroom. She was told that she is very beautiful and that Judge loves her. In the incidence, the Judge also took on her arms and kissed her arm.

Justice Ganguly’s has denied all charges in his statement.

A committee of three Supreme Court judges found the former judge guilty of sexually harassing a lawyer who interned for him, at a five-star hotel in Delhi in December 2012.


Devyani Khobragade, Indian Diplomatic and Undiplomatic Ties



Devyani Khobragade, Indian diplomat deputed in United States,holding post of Indian deputy consul general in New York was arrest and strip-searched. The charge was of her lying in a visa application on salary to her housekeeper. She was indicted by a federal grand jury on count of visa fraud and also for making false statements.

Indian government denied the charges and has asked the diplomat to return back to country under the diplomatic immunity. India has demanded US to apologize and drop all charges against the diplomat.

As per prosecution, Khobragade promised in visa application that Sangeeta Richard, her housekeeper from India, to pay her at least $9.75 per hour, the minimum wage in New York. Also that she would be required to work only 40 hours per week. But Indian Diplomat got the housekeeper to sign another contract that made her pay only $3.31 per hour and she had to work much more than 40 hours a week.

On other hand the defence, denies all these charges and states that the housekeeper was paid as per contract. To avoid detention, Indian officials appointed her as counsellor at the country’s permanent mission to the United Nations in New York. This offered her diplomatic immunity as against the consular immunity, where later is much restricted. She is now to leave the country as India has denied to waive off the immunity and allow US to prosecute her.